Red Team Engagements

Test your organization's security defenses with a simulated Real-time Advanced Attacks. 

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A decade ago, to ensure the security of the organization online, people relied on Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing of their websites and networks to identify gaps in the networks and apply necessary fixes. In today’s times, such measurements are not sufficient to keep with today's expectations of cybersecurity standards. An organization needs to be one step ahead – not just in virtual presence but in terms of physical security aspects as well.


We provide our unique services for Red Team Engagements (RTE). In this activity, we simulate a real-time attack on the organization just as if any real -threat actor will perform. The whole point of performing the RTE is to check the preparedness of an organization in an event of an attack.


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Our service covers both the physical grounds, where our agents will try to evade the physical security and attempt to physically access to the organizations, thus helping to identify physical security loopholes, as well as perform extensive attacks from various vectors to test the organization in an event of a cyber-attack during business hours. These simulations are carried out in such a way that they will not disrupt or cause any harm to the business of the organization yet test the effectiveness of the cyber-team deployed in the organization.


Understand how the organizational defences stack up to real advanced sophisticated attack

Identify the chinks in your organizational Cybersecurity armour which sophisticated adversary can exploit

Understand the effectiveness of your Cybersecurity Technologies and the return of investment

Evaluate your current incident response effectiveness in detecting sophisticated cybersecurity attacks

Gain confidence about your cybersecurity posture


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To learn more about what a Red Teaming Test can provide your organization.

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