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Zacco launches unique digital investigation unit

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Zacco is broadening its operations within IP and digital security, and is becoming one of the largest in the Nordic region to offer expertise in criminal investigations and intelligence gathering in digital environments.

As cybercrimes and digital threats unfortunately are becoming an increasing challenge for many organizations and individuals, Zacco launches a new service in order to help protect its clients’ key intellectual property assets, such as data, strategic technology, trade secrets, against data theft and fraud. The name of this new service is Digital Threat Intelligence, DTI.

Today IT related crime is growing exponentially worldwide. According to the Swedish Crime Prevention Council, BRÅ, about 100,000 fraudulent crimes were reported in Sweden in 2009. In 2018, the number had risen to about 260,000 cases of fraud.

Example of increase since 2009:

• IT related fraud: 140% • IT based extortion: 291% • IT related sexual offenses: 500%

Criminals target both companies and private individuals. According to BRÅ, the police and prosecutors fall short in handling the increasing amount of cases.

In order to help existing as well as new clients, and to assist the authorities, DTI has four main areas of focus:

• Digital Intelligence • Online Investigations • Executive security and protection • Education

Managing Director of DTI, Jonathan Ebbersten:

“Common to all our focus areas is DTI’s ability to develop and secure accessible and less accessible information from, for instance, Darknet, telephones and computers. Such information may constitute evidence demonstrating criminal acts against companies, individuals and authorities. Criminal acts like hacking, fraud, and preparation for extortion, threats and violent crimes. In many cases, the information can be used to track the perpetrator directly or via the police. It is often the case that the suspected crime, for instance fraud, turns out to be more serious than initially suspected and therefore of high priority to police and prosecutors”.

Following the acquisition of an Indian Cyber Security company, Zacco now has more than 100 employees who have the capacity to not only prevent, but also track and prosecute crime linked to the digital world. The Indian subsidiary, which is now integrated into Zacco and named Zacco Cyber Security Research Labs, doubles Zacco’s operations with another 50 IT specialists.

“Many companies that work with cyber security are good at handling data breaches and other digital irregularities. Adding to this, we also are experts on intellectual property and we have many excellent attorneys here at Zacco. Both our acquisition in India and investment in DTI enables us to take IP protection to the next level: to protect our clients with our leading digital forensics and vast experience with digital criminal investigation and to follow up on the crimes that we detect with our law services”, says Mats Boström, CEO of Zacco.

Link: https://www.zacco.com/news/zacco-launches-unique-digital-investigation-unit/


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