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Roles and Responsibilities of CyberSecurity Experts [Infographic]

Depending on the role you are involved in within cybersecurity, your responsibilities will vary.

For instance if you are a cryptographer, you are expected to write code that a hacker cannot crack, and if you are a vulnerability assessor you have to spot system vulnerabilities and fix them. But the essence of all cybersecurity responsibilities is in making sure that breaches do not happen and data remains safe.

Here are a few popular roles within cybersecurity.

  • Security Analyst: Plan, analyse and execute cybersecurity strategies and plans

  • Vulnerability assessor: Spot vulnerabilities and solve them

  • Security Auditor: Find the weak spots in a security system before criminals do

  • Forensic Expert: Protect and assist in law enforcement through a scientific study of security. Basically the detective in the cybersecurity ecosystem

  • Security Engineer: Build IT security systems for your organisations protection

  • Source Code Editor: Ensure code accuracy and safety prior to release

  • Security Consultant: Advice and implement security solutions

  • Penetration Tester: Hack into computer and network systems to preemptively discover operating system vulnerabilities, service and application problems, improper configurations and more,

  • Security Administrator: Keep security systems running smoothly

  • Incident Responder: Look out for threats and actively respond to them

  • IT Security Consultant: Meet with clients to advise them on how to best protect their organizations’ cyber security objectives efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Chief Information Security Officer: The chief information security officer (CISO) is typically a mid-executive level position who oversees the general operations of a company’s or organization’s IT security division. CISOs are directly responsible for planning, coordinating and directing all computer, network and data security needs of their employers.

There are several other roles and many more responsibilities when it comes to #cybersecurity. But it’s easy to see that the pattern here is one of building protection for your organisation.

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