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Samsudeen K Sulaiman

Working at Lakhshya Cyber Security Labs is a great pleasure for me. What I appreciate most about the company is that, it has given me the opportunity to balance work and life by allowing me to work in flexible work hours. Lakhshya has also given me a platform to learn more about the cyber security world. I am now confident about secure coding and serving various clients across the globe by offering Secured Software solutions. The multicultural environment makes work more interesting and pleasant. I'm proud to be a Lakhshian.

Arun Kumar

I’ve been working with Lakhshya for more than two years as Digital Marketing and I have to admit it is one of the most rewarding positions I've ever worked for. What still attracts me towards Lakhshya is that the company is making a difference in the Cyber Security industry by providing organizations with highly advanced technology and exclusive services, with a blend of outstanding people and supportive management. It is a place where skills are encouraged and highly valued. I feel a great sense of achievement working for Lakhshya.

Akash Kumar Vaidh

It’s been a great 4 years journey at Lakhshya as one of the fastest cybersecurity growing company specifically in Coimbatore. Being here from the starting days of Lakhshya it has provided me a great strength to increase my knowledge not only to one specific technology but to various different technologies in cybersecurity. It has given me a great international exposure working with different clients like Banks, government, Logistics and private sectors across the Middle east. My favorite part of Lakhshya is that we are free to express our thoughts and we can take ownership and drive through. Here we learn and we teach, as I believe the more you teach the more you learn.

Sudakshina Singha Roy

Being true to the name “Lakshya”, Lakhshya Labs helped me to achieve my goal of learning and getting exposure of full gambit of cyber security. The smooth transition from being an intern to a security professional was possible because of the caring and fostering culture of our top management which is a rare opportunity and generally doesn't happen in other companies. The right mix of work with fun and frolic makes working at Lakhshya truly exciting, satisfying and self-fulfilling. I enjoy working at Lakhshya.

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