Enterprise Awareness Program

Lakhshya’s EFFECT Methodology is a systematic approach towards executing large-scale Information Security Awareness programs. EFFECT stands for Engagement Initiation – Formulate Messages – Functionalize Delivery – Evaluate Efficiency – Continuity Planning – Transfer of Knowledge.


Engagement Initiation

The program will start with the ‘Initiate Program’ Stage, the purpose of which is to initiate the program, align the expectations of the client, and lay the foundation for Governance of the program


Formulate Messages

This stage is focused on the following activities:

  • Understanding Client Branding and Marketing Guidelines and Requirements

  • Communication Messages Finalization and

  • Delivery Channels Mapping


Functionalize Delivery

The Program Delivery Stage focuses on effectively and efficiently executing the project in accordance with the program objectives.


Evaluate Efficiency

This stage focuses on analysing the effectiveness of the Pilot Program conducted and the record the learning that can be used for later stages.


Continuity Planning

The focus of the Continuity Planning Stage is to plan for future programs and continuous improvement of awareness messages.


Transfer of Knowledge

The Transfer of Knowledge Stage is the final stage of the lifecycle wherein the customer receives the lessons learned documentation and authorized signatory signs-off the program

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