Security Education and Training

We have custom designed each training courses so that every participant irrespective of whichever category he belongs to can easily understand and learn from our education training.


The quote – “An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends.” by Benjamin Franklin is very relevant even in the cyber security domain.

We believe that the earlier we educate the people and the more we educate the people the more secure can they become. Education is the root of a strong security. However, just educating is not sufficient; the right amount of knowledge should also be shared if you truly want to educate and secure people around.


With this idea, we have designed our education and training programs. Several studies have concurred that learning taught by hands-on approach, last longer and is more effective than the traditional class-room pen and book approach.

We have designed our courses in such a manner that the participants get a fully hands-on experience while learning. The examples and exercise that we teach our participants are a simulation to the current online cyber security issues. With our training and education style, our participants are ready to hit-the ground running in the domain of information security.

We have designed our courses keeping in mind three categories –


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