eBook: Ransomware Diary

Ransomware is emerging as a leading cybersecurity threat to both organizations and individuals. But what is it? How do you defend yourself against it? Read on and find out!

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What’s inside:

  • Introduction to Ransomware

  • Am I infected by ransomware?

  • Can I get my files back?

  • Ransomware... stay away!

  • Best Practices to Protect from Ransomware 

  • Defensive security against ransomware

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Ransomware Detection and Decryption Tools



Lakhshya's Ransomware Detection tool - scans users machines for existing Ransomware infection. This Lakhshya Ransomware Detection Tool scans for 385+ Ransomware types.



This tool decrypts the files infected by Jigsaw Ransomware and decrypt back the exact files without changing a single bit and the user can have the option, either deleting the encrypted file or keeping the encrypted copy in a disk.



Shamoon Detection tool - scans users machines for existing Ransomware infection. It detect the Jan 2017 variant of the Shamoon2 malware



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