Securing the DevOps pipelines and build organizational capability to successfully transition to DevSecOps.

We work across the entire spectrum of People, Process and Technology spectrums.

  • Security Hooks Deployment in the Pipeline

  • Tool CICD Pipelines for Security

  • Compliance

  • Structure

  • Secure Coding Practices

  • Security Awareness

  • Risk-based CI/CD Pipeline Definition

  • Risk Management Framework

  • Change control for Pipelines

Transform your DevOps format into DevSecOps


Our DevSecOps consulting practice enables organization to harmoniously blend Information Security Controls and requirements seamlessly with the DevOps operation practice. We provide an entire gamut of consulting services including Gap Assessment, DevSecOps Policy and Framework Development, DevSecOps skill assessment and team structuring, DevSecOps compliance enablement. 


The technology practice empowers organizations to seamlessly embed various security solutions and tools across the entire chain of DevOps Pipeline. The team provides the much needed technology assistance needed in the area to integrate various security solutions and create security hooks within the CI-CD pipeline for effective and secure development and operations

Operational Services

We support organizational requirements for skill and resources for managing and operating security as part of the DevOps through outsourcing and resource augmentation support. We provide definitive skilled Squads specialized in Security Assessment, Red Teaming, Threat Intelligence, Incident Monitoring and Management etc.


We offer introductory and comprehensive training and education for professionals and organizations in DevSecOps space. The various training program that are currently offered under this include:


• Secure Code Development and DevSecOps
• Introduction to DevSecOps
• Security Tools integrations for DevOps
• Management of DevSecOps for Security Managers 

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Secure Source Code Review​​

Our service discovers hidden vulnerabilities, design flaws, and verifies if key security controls are implemented

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