Breach Investigation and Compromise Assessment

The world today is taking a huge step in technology and cyberspace. With such growth, the threats looming in such domains cannot go unnoticed. Every day hundreds of malicious software, files and documents are spreading and targeting various small and large organizations. These attacks are not always blocked by the security systems of that organizations due to various reasons. Attacks such as these causes great deal of damages to the organization not just in terms of finance but also affects the reputations as well as company stock values.



In an event where the organization is certain that it has been breached but need to know the exact root cause and fix, our team provides rapid response to the situation to assess the possible damages, immediate patch remediation, root cause analysis to provide a 360-degree view of the situation, and an immediate action plan in future events.

In an event when the organization believes that there is a possibility of a compromise however are unsure of the activity. In such situations, our team performs a through threat hunting to ascertain if the organization is really compromised or not. Our report contains details on the outcome of the assessment, any possible loop holes in the infrastructure that can be improved and any patches that can be applied as well.

We make use of our proprietary in-house tools that we have designed along with the cutting-edge threat-hunting tools to ensue that no malware is lurking in the organizations network. We have an experience of dealing with threats from script-kiddie attacks to dealing with Nation-state actor threats working along various Government and non-Government organizations across the continent.

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